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Download Easy Manual WS200 


Q1.   How many password can be registerd ?    
          >>   2 Password.  ( 4-12 digits numbers )

          Note : You cannot register same number such as 1111 or sequential number such as 1234.


Q2.   How do I setup or change the password ?    
          >>   How to setup or Change Password

         Note : Factory default password is "0000"



 Q3.   How many User Cards can be registered ?   
          >>   Up to 20 cards can be registered


Q4.   How do I register User Card ?  
          >>   How to register User Card

         Note : When a User Card is registered as below, the previous registration is deleted and overwritten with the new one.


 Q5.   How do I register User Card without deleting previous registration? 
          >>   How to Add User Card



Q6.   How to delete Registered password and User Card ?
          >>   Delete all Password and User Card



Q7.   What should I do if I lost User Card or forget Password ?
          >>   Immediately delete ( Refer Q6)  and register the new one  (Refer Easy manual_download & Q4)

Q8.   How do I replace the battery?
          >>   Exchange batteries immediately when you receive low battery warning

                  How to take off battery cover



Q9.   How to Install Digital lock with the door ?



Q10.   How long is the product warranty ?
          >>   2 years from the date of purchase.

Q11. How to open the battery cover, When “LOW BATERY WARNING” ?  Refer in VDO.



          >>  Please follow in the table as below.

Q12. How to open the battery cover, When “ BATERY RUN OUT” ?

       >> Please follow in the VDO.



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